Breeding Females
Female Llamas
DOB: June 11, 2004

About Silver:
Silver's unique "silver" colored fiber nor her
great banana ears are her best features.  Her
best feature is her incredible mothering
instinct.  Silver lost her first cria and wanted
to be a mother so badly that she was willing
to foster an orphaned cria and raised him to
weaning age.  Silver is 42.5 inches at the
withers.  She has both ILR and Canadian
registrations.  For more photos of Silver, click
on her name.

E.V.E. Silver's Destiny
E.V.E. Platinum Man
E.V.E. Ebony Lace
E.V.E. Silver's Spitting Image
E.V.E. Nero
E.V.E. Raven
Sire: S.F. Bo Jangles

Dam: Blue Rue
Young Females
DOB: June 11, 2013

About Tia:
We had very high expectations for this cross
and Tia did not disappoint.  She has beautiful
suri fibre, a ton of presence and an easy
going personality to top it all off.  This girl has
a lot of potential.  
Sire: E.V.E. Platinum Man

Dam: Peruvian Cassianna
DOB: June 17, 2015

About Raven:
Raven has abundant soft black fibre and
excellent confirmation.  She has inherited her
sires presence and her dams calm
personality.  Raven is exactly what we were
hoping for.  
E.V.E. Raven
Sire: E.V.E. Zacharias

Dam: CMT's Silver Lace
DOB: August 11, 2015

About Eden:
Eden has soft, grey suri fiber and amazing
presence.  She has all kinds of personality to
top it off.  Eden is from a strong line of color
genetics and we can't wait to see what this
girl will do.  
E.V.E. Moonlit Eden

Dam: Criations Ferrero Rocher
Currently None