Male Llamas
Young Males
E.V.E. Zacharias
ILR # 276393
DOB: July 16, 2008

About Zac:
Zac has extremely soft heavy wool silky fiber.  
He is a Wooly Bully and Slick "50" grandson.  
He has a gentle personality and is easy to
work with.  He measures 40 inches at the
withers.  Zac's first crias has arrived and we
are quite impressed.  He is ILR registered
and DNA and parent verified.  For more
photos of Zac, click on his name.  
Thank you
to Gerry Bruening with 3B Ranch for
Purchasing Zac.

Available for outside breedings.
Sire: Feldspar Griffindore

Dam: CMT's Taster's Choice
DOB: May 24, 2010

About Platinum:
Platinum took our breath away the moment
he was born.  He has unique platinum
colored suri locks that make him the focus of
attention in the pasture.  Platinum has all the
charisma of his great-grandsire Kantu and
all his grand champion sire, Mystery Man's
striking features.  He measures 43 inches at
the withers.  Platinum has begun his
breeding career.  His first crias have arrived
and we are very pleased.  Platinum is ILR
registered.  For more photos of Platinum,
click on his name.  
Thank you to Gerry
Bruening with 3B Ranch for Purchasing
Sire: WWLC Mystery Man

Dam: CMT's Silver Lace
E.V.E. Ebony Lace
ILR # 284403
E.V.E. Tianna
E.V.E. Santa Maria
Crazy Karizma Kruz
E.V.E. Platinum Storm
DOB: May 15, 2012

About Jonah:
Jonah has soft, silky fibre and a very sturdy
frame.  He also possesses a lot of presence
and a curious personality.  Jonah is still
young but shows many of the guarding
instincts EVE Apollo did at his age.  We have
high hopes for this boy and have decided to
keep him.
Sire: M.R.S. Soulman's Carbon 14

Dam: Young Dove
DOB: June 1, 2014

About Storm:
The best way to describe storm is just
WOW.  He shares his sire's intense grey
coloring and soft suri fibre.  Storm also can
boast relation to many great ancestors such
as Crazy Mountain Man, Kantu P5, Wooly
Bully and HCLA Bolivian Easy Money.  Due to
a leg injury during his birth Storm required
massage therapy and as a result was over
handled as a cria.  As he got older he
became over friendly and we had to make
the difficult decision to geld him so he would
not become dangerous.  
Thank you to Ryan
Carrol for purchasing
Sire: E.V.E. Platinum Man

Dam: E.V.E. Lunar Flare
DOB: June 17, 2014

About Nero:
Nero has striking black coloring and
incredibly soft suri fibre.  This boy also
possesses a lot of presence.  
Thank you to
Samantha Wallace for purchasing Nero.
Sire: M.R.S. X-Tra Flash

Dam: CMT's Silver Lace
E.V.E. Raven