SCR Synerella
In Remembrance of Those We've Lost
June 10, 2000 - October 12, 2011

About Synerella:
Synerella was one of our foundation females and the
oldest llama we had on our farm.  At 11 years old she
still had remarkable fiber coverage and fibre of
excellent quality.  She gave us 4 beautiful cria and was
an excellent mother to all of them.  Synerella was
highly intelligent and because of it she was too smart
to be tricked into the catch pen with pellets like the
other girls and we had to get creative to catch her.  She
had also figured out how to get through the fences and
would just go on through to "greener pasture" at will.  
For all the trouble she caused, though, she was a
treasured member of our herd and will be missed.  
Synerella - Face
Synerella - 6 years old
Synerella - 10 years old
Synerella - kissing baby eclipse
Synerella - attitude
Synerella's Crias
Synerella's grandcria Vanna White
E.V.E. Lady of the Myst
July 5, 2009 - July 10, 2014

About Lady:
Lady was a tall stretchy girl, with incredible
presence and intelligence.  She was born on
our farm and sold when she was a yearling.  
We ended up buying her back at a later date.  
Lady was an treasure to work with and
always willing do go along with what you
asked of her.  Lady also loved a good roll in
the mud after a rain and was often more
black than white.  She was a wonderful
mother to her cria Vanna White.  Her loss is
truly a tragedy.  
Lady - 3 years old
Lady - Face
Lady - 1 year old
Lady - 1 week old
Vanna White - Lady's cria
Lady after a good roll in the mud
EVE Apollo
Apollo - Face
July 4, 2002 - December 8, 2015

About Apollo
Apollo was one of the first crias born on our
farm and his mother was our very first llama.  
As a yearling Apollo was shown and took
home a ribbon for obstacles.  He has been
the only working llama on our farm for his 13
years.  Apollo's job was to protect the herd
and he did it in spectacular fashion.  Apollo
was known to chase everything from stray
cats all the way up to bears and cougars,
with the scars to prove it.  He was also our
greatest PR animal, always the first to greet
farm visitors and show off how majestic
llama really are.  Apollo will be greatly
missed and leaves behind memorable
legacy on our farm.  
Apollo - over the years
Apollo - 10 years old