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Males for Sale
E.V.E. Arianna
Anna has fine suri locks and incredible
presence.  She is a real attention grabber in
the pasture.  Anna is a proven female, with
tons of milk and excellent mothering
instincts.  For more information on Anna,
check her out on the females page.
Breeding Female
E.V.E. Zacharias
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Zac has extremely soft heavy wool silky fiber.  
He is a Wooly Bully and Slick "50" grandson.  
He has a gentle personality and is easy to
work with.  He measures 40 inches at the
withers.  Zac has been consistently
producing heavy wool silky crias. We are
offering Zac for sale as we are not going to
be breeding every year and he is the type of
male who should be in a breeding program.  
If you are looking to add fibre to your herd Zac
is the male you are looking for.
E.V.E. Platinum
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Platinum took our breath away the moment
he was born.  He has unique platinum
colored suri locks that make him the focus of
attention in the pasture.  Platinum has all the
charisma of his great-grandsire Kantu and
all his grand champion sire, Mystery Man's
striking features.  He measures 43 inches at
the withers.  Platinum has 2 crias so far and
both are stellar suris sharing many of his
outstanding characteristics.  Platinum is a
gentlemen to work with.  We are only offering
him for sale because we feel he will be better
utilized on a farm that is actively breeding and
Storm gets your attention in the pasture for
sure with his striking silver color and long
suri locks.  He was gelded as a yearling
because he became to friendly to be a
breeding male.  Storm is very calm and
personable and very easy to work with.  He
would make an excellent pet/gaurd for
someone new to llamas.  For more
information on Storm, check him out on the
males page.
E.V.E. Platinum
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CMT's Silver Lace
Silver is our original foundation female and
has had many of our best crias.  She herself
boasts excellent confirmation and beautiful
silver silky fiber.  Silver is a wonderful mother
to her crias, with abundant milk and she is
also a very easy birther.  She is also very
easy to work with.  Silver is the true all around
package llama.  For more information on
Silver, check her out on the females page.
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Breeding Female
Young Dove
Young Dove is an older female looking for a
to work with.  Young Dove also displays
guarding tendencies and would make an
excellent guard for sheep or goats.  For more
information on Young Dove, check her out on
the Females page.
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